Get Rid of Your Scale!!!!

Fact: The number that you see on the scale when you step on it every morning is just that – a number. One of the regular challenges for us as Exercise Coaches is to convince clients to stop getting so hung up on that number. That number you see only gives you a small glimpse into what your body is doing. Read More


The Brilliance of Big Box Gyms

It’s a marketing / business model that not a lot of people talk about, and it’s an absolutely easy way to turn a profit. The big box gyms have been doing it for years. Everybody knows about it, has bought into it before, and continue to do it. Read More



What we eat accounts for 80% of our weight-loss success or failure. While exercise helps to improve our muscle quality, which in turn improves our metabolism, we can quickly destroy the many benefits of our exercise efforts with the wrong diet. At The Exercise Coach®, we have developed a Nutrition Playbook to help educate our clients on the foods that will best promote optimum health and decrease inflammation, water retention, and other damaging effects. Through Whole-Effort Exercise and Whole-Food Eating recommendations, all of our clients can experience what we call The Metabolic Comeback™. Read More



How about a yummy, healthy, seasonal smoothie to enjoy the flavors of the season and give you energy, boost your immune system, and fuel your muscle repair and growth? Sounds like a winning combination. Enjoy this smooth and creamy treat today! Read More


I don’t have the time vs It’s not a priority

Let’s try an experiment: Imagine you are sitting at home and your significant other yells from the other room, “could you help with the dishes???” If you were busy with something else, kids, working, etc. what would be the best response? “I’d love to but my hands are full and I don’t have the time.” Or “Sorry, it’s just not a priority for me right now.” I’d guess you’d be in a heap of trouble if you went with the 2nd option. Read More

The Metabolic Comeback Challenge Forum

Welcome to what I hope will become a central forum for people who started the Metabolic Comeback Challenge on October 1st. My goal is for this place to become an arena to share experiences, ask questions, and post up successes. Read More