It’s More Than Weight Loss: How Changing Your Diet Changes You for the Better

Let’s be honest. When many of us get fed up with our health, and we really want to lose that extra weight, we look to a change in diet to help us get there. However, when many of us finally achieve the desired result, we stop eating differently and that weight comes right back on. It’s time to stop thinking about food as allowed or not allowed in order for us to look and feel how we want to feel. Changing our diet is about more than just weight loss. Changing the way you think about food and paying attention to those health and lifestyle improvements that come with cleaning up your nutritional act can help you to adopt a sustainable way of eating, that allows you to enjoy your life and feel good. Read More


The Conundrum of Calories: Why Weight Loss is Not As Simple As Calories In / Calories Out

For years healthcare professionals pushed the idea that weight loss was as simple as eating less and exercising more. However, our body’s unique response to various types of calories means we can’t rely solely on the quantity of calories we consume, but instead must rely on the type and the quality. Here are 6 Reasons All Calories are NOT Created Equal . . . Read More


What is the Metabolic Comeback?

It’s that time of year again and if you’re like most, you may be stressing a bit about the complexities of the season. Part of that complexity for some people is figuring out how to make the New Year better than the last from a health and fitness standpoint. Well, if that sounds familiar, let me make it easier for you by sharing our simple wellness and weight loss solution called The Metabolic Comeback™. Read More


A Whole-Food Thanksgiving

Let’s talk Thanksgivng. We know it as a time to give thanks, be with loved ones, watch a football game, and eat until we are so stuffed we can’t move. What if you could enjoy everything great about Thanksgiving while still feeling your very best? Make a few simple recipe swaps and create a whole-food menu for your guests this year, featuring only the most nutritious and delicious food, and lose the post-meal bloat and fatigue. Enjoy these healthy and wholesome Thanksgiving recipes! Read More


You Need To Do More Than "Use Them"

Twenty-first century health and wellness professionals agree that muscle really matters. Muscle has been said to be the window to the rest of your body, your primary biomarker, and the engine of your personal health. Irwin Rosenburg, M.D. says that it’s responsible much more than people know for the vitality of their whole “physiological apparatus.” However, from age 20-50, the average person loses ½ pound of muscle per year! This amounts to 15 pounds of muscle loss by age 50. Read More


Afterburn: All That or All Hype?

Weight loss ambition is one of the greatest personal drivers of exercise motivation. Therefore, this hot-button is the target of many a fitness marketer. This in and of itself is, in my opinion, is not at all wrong. Inspiration if one of the fundamental tasks of a fitness brand. We have to give people compelling reasons to take new actions to better their health and fitness. However, there persists in fitness marketing some recycled promises and explanations that are at the very least overblown if not intentionally inflated. Read More


The Best Whole-Food Pumpkin Recipes for Fall

One of the best things about Fall is all of the delicious pumpkin recipes we can enjoy. Pumpkin pies, cakes, and breads abound during this season, but we wanted to give you some of the best healthy, whole-food pumpkin recipes you can try this year! Let's fuel our bodies with real foods, and feel our best while still enjoying that great pumpkin flavor! Read More


Strength Training, Muscle Quality, & Running

How many of you would consider yourselves serious runners? Is it a daily or weekly habit to lace up the running shoes and burn up a few miles to start or end your day? What about the runners who jump into any 5K, 1/2 or marathons? Read More



JEFF AND STACI TAKE THE 30-DAY METABOLIC COMEBACK™ CHALLENGE. Meet Jeff and Staci Goldman. Jeff, along with his brother Kevin, recently opened the doors of The Exercise Coach – West Bloomfield in the Detroit, Michigan area. Before launching their new studio, Jeff and Staci decided to put into practice what we at The Exercise Coach® teach our clients about Whole-Food Nutrition in combination with the Right Intensity Training we provide. They took the 30-Day Metabolic Comeback Challenge™ and had some fabulous results. Read More


Strength Training & Fat Loss

When you hear the term “fat loss”, what comes to mind? Your belly? Flabby arms? Love handles? Any of those trouble spots that you think of are deposits of fat that all of us want to see gone, right? But how? It really comes down a few things: Nutrition, exercising, and caloric intake. Read More

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